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Corona Crazy

This whole experience of sheltering at home will definitely go down in the history books. I, like everyone else have tried to be as creative as possible to make the time enjoyable. Books, card games, new recipes, Tiger King (I’m still trying to figure out why everyone likes this show), and OLLIE. Ollie is my newly adopted dog. Corona kinda stole his thunder, but I do want to tell you all about him:

He’s a 2 year old shepherd mix. His bio told us he was “high energy” and would need lots of exercise, but when we saw him at the shelter, he was calm and sweet and just looked at us with THOSE EYES. Hero Husband fell in love with him first, and to be honest my heart danced just to see him so drawn to a dog. In less than an hour, we were on our way home with our new fur baby. He sat politely in the back seat and just smiled…for awhile. Then he jumped into my lap in the front seat and licked my face incessantly. When we got him home he looked around with approval. Keith left for a meeting, and Ollie gave me a side glance. That’s when the truth was revealed. Ollie proudly displayed his “high energy” by tearing through the house, jumping on the furniture and jumping on me – again with the licking!!!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell Hero Husband we may have taken on more than we bargained for. Especially since we like our dogs to be mellow and chill. When I did, he tried to convince me we just needed to give him a chance to settle in. In the meantime I contacted a dog trainer.

The trainer came over to assess him and Ollie did a fantastic job of proving himself to be out of control – but thank God, she welcomed the challenge. Ollie spent the next week in training and surprised us all by being a very quick learner. He’s still in training but is a completely different dog than the day we adopted him… and he has stolen my heart. However, the story doesn’t end there.

One week in, I gave Ollie his first bath, and something unusual happened. His fur started falling off. I’m not talking about shedding here – I’m talking clumps. I tried denial for a few days but Hero Husband and Silly Sister confirmed that he was starting to look “mangey”. After trying several remedies, including another bath…we ended up at the vet, covered in hair. We’re still not sure what is wrong with him but he now has his own special shampoo and mousse (yes, my dog has beauty products) AND I get to shampoo him twice a week AND mousse him in between. The biggest challenge is that the shampoo has to stay on for 10 minutes so …

if you see me walking down the street wearing my mask (that has been uniquely embroidered by Silly Sister), with a shampoo-covered-well-mannered dog, don’t be alarmed.

Just call me Corona Crazy.

#Family #humor

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