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Christmas Interrupted

I had such a great time these last few weeks speaking at the Crossings Church "Surviving the Holidays" series. We laughed and we learned some great coping skills from Counselor Shari Murphy.. The Christmas season can certainly be a challenge - especially for us over-the-top type A people - yep that's me. I love perfection, I love extra-special and I love family and I love cookies - I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

There are those of who actually enjoy planning, which means we have expectations which means we invariably will have disappointments. Have you noticed that the world often doesn't play right or follow OUR plan. I recently heard a Christmas message that mentioned being "interruptible". Interruptions are tough for me - I am usually over-focused and determined to move forward even it means plowing through people, so this caught my attention - WHAT WOULD THAT LOOK LIKE?

Is I have a new plan this year. I'm going to live like "God's got this" and I'm going to let Him direct my plans.. That means when the interruptions come, I accept that maybe there's a better plan. That means I take some extra time to listen, to love and to simply experience what each day has to offer. That means I need to be INTERRUPTIBLE.

I have a feeling that I have some lessons to learn, and maybe some new experiences ahead of me. My first interruption appears to be a health issue I need to take care of so I will be taking a break for a little while. I hope to catch up with you

in 2022. Until then, have a blessed Christmas, love your family and friends and bring all the joy and light into the season.

Merry Christmas from Outside of Ordinary,


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