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What I value today doesn’t resemble what I valued in my 20’s when I began adulting! I valued earning money, having stuff and my appearance. I believed how I looked was why people could approach me and found me interesting. I maintained my weight in the 120’s, my hair was always done in the most recent style and never went anywhere without make-up. In surviving my mid-life crisis, I ate through my depression and gained a lot of weight. But, working through my thoughts and developing a personal relationship with Jesus, made me a loving, empathetic, comfortable, peaceful person that people enjoyed being around. Don’t get me wrong, I still like looking good and work to be healthy, but it’s not the way I look that captures someone’s interest. It’s how I make them feel.

My core values and what I believe in are night and day to what they were, by the grace of God!

As a Life Purpose Coach, I walk with people to determine what they hold most dear, what guides them. My previous blog discussed our roles, which are easily identifiable and understood. Core values and beliefs are not the topic of discussion and hard to discuss. But as Dr. Katie Brazelton explains, “if roles are the ship, core values and beliefs are what steer the ship.”

What are your Core Values? List your top 10 and see how they are playing a part in your purpose. Are your Core Values achieving goals and dreams, your appearance, being fulfilled, commitment? Is it being in control, call of duty, fame or family? What about friendships, health, independence, intellectual pursuits? Do you value being Christ-like, having a pleasant environment, popularity, prestige or power? Is safety on your list, or reputation, success, teamwork, travel? What about having wealth, being innovative, personal possessions or physical challenges? These are just a few of the top core values most hold dear.

When you think about your Beliefs, remember the old saying, “If you don’t know what you stand for, you’re likely to fall for anything!” Write out six Beliefs, starting with “I believe in….” Do you have forgiving others, the Bill of Rights, doing the best you can? Do you believe in having a positive attitude, listening well, never giving up or philanthropy? What about prayer in school, the bible, showing empathy, trust and honesty? Is one of your six the Ten Commandments, people helping people, or putting God first? Did you list not worrying about failure, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Many believe in civil rights, justice for all and dignity for all people.

Ask God to help you make your lists of Core Values and Beliefs. They can speak volumes into who you are and what your purpose is. Share them below or email me at outsideofordinary.dee@gmail.com

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