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Behind the Change

A week or two ago I was sitting in my office thinking about how the room had looked the same for a least a decade. I spend more awake time in that room than any other and yet, I’ve made no effort to keep it fresh. I love fresh. I love new – maybe it was time for a change. My co-worker agreed to help, in fact he almost seemed more ready for the task than me. I got clearance from my boss who even showed up to help move the heavy furniture.

Of course I was worried I wouldn’t like it, or it simply wouldn’t work, so I made my helpers promise they would be fine with moving it all back if I simply hated it. They groaned and mumbled, but I’m pretty sure I saw their heads nod – good enough – LET’S GO!

The first piece to move was the delicate antique secretary. The guys were cautious and careful and swiftly got it to the other side of the room. I was ready with the vacuum to clean up the 10 year inevitable dirt that was left behind. There was plenty of dust and the expected dead bug but…wait – WHAT IS THAT? OMG, it’s a DEAD FROG. Yep, all laid out, a literally petrified frog. I have no idea how a frog would even get it my office…nor how long it had been there or why it died, or why it DIDN’T smell or …what is going on??? I was grateful to watch my co-worker dutifully carry it off and a thought lingered in my mind.

That dead creepy frog would have stayed in my life had I not attempted to make a change.  Who knows how long before it started emitting some poisonous gases that could have killed us all (okay so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but again who knows?). I often hear people say that they “just don’t like change” – life is simpler when things stay within a comfortable zone. But by living in safety, you might not realize the icky stuff, the maybe potentially harmful stuff, or even some incredibly good stuff  that lurks in the background.

Change can not only give you a fresh perspective, but it can uncover some areas in your life you never even knew needed attention. Step out of the circle, embrace the change and who knows, you might even discover some emotional garbage that needs to be unloaded, or that beautiful gem that you thought was lost forever…and life will be that much better.

Any day can be extraordinary when you step outside your circle of expectation!

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