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Another Lesson From Millie

An all time favorite Bible verse is

“Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. ”                                     (Matthew 11:28).

We all love the idea of rest, but we miss the part that we play – the part about coming…it takes effort on our part – we make the first move and then we find our rest.

Millie has various responses to the command “COME”. And as I think about it, so do we.  Sometimes in training when I give the command to come, Millie runs full speed and sits at my feet. I am pleased and she is immediately blessed with a treat. However sometimes she may run towards me at full speed, but just keep on going to wherever she thinks she belongs, hoping that I will follow. Then there are times when Millie just sits there and stares at me because, well I guess she doesn’t feel like making the effort and wants me to come to her. And unfortunately there are times when Millie just takes off in the opposite direction because she feels like exploring other options.

Do you hear God calling you in your heart? Are you in need of some rest – to have some burdens lifted? What is YOUR response today? The blessing is found at His feet.

Tune into my video on Outside of Ordinary to find out what Millie’s response was today.

Have an Outside of Ordinary week!

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