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An Outside Of Ordinary Christmas

Merry Christmas from Outside of Ordinary – it’s our first Christmas together and we will always treasure it. I have the greatest team I could ever ask for, so from (clockwise) Holly, Carla, Ty, Donna and Sarah, we hope your Christmas is one you will always treasure!!

Personally, I am having an “outside of ordinary” Christmas this year due to lack of family members. Since my family united for two spectacular weddings this year, we’re all going other directions for the holiday. I am excited to have my son, Captain Joel, coming home but equally as sad that Fashionista daughter, Grace, will not be with us, nor my crazy siblings and their tribes. However, I have already created some fun ideas for Hero Husband, Captain Joel, and I to have a special Christmas – I simply refuse to be melancholy on such a treasured day. We have memories to make, after all.

This year, more than ever, I find my thoughts wandering to the true miracle of Christmas, the birth of my Savior. Talk about Outside of Ordinary: Only God could create such an entrance for the Savior of the World. Born of a virgin, in a stable, in the midst of ordinary folks spending a cold night tending the sheep, and stargazing. My eyes fill with tears as I imagine the majesty of that moment – oh how I hope they have home videos in heaven! Can you imagine sitting down with a bowl of popcorn for that home movie? Perhaps that’s what Christmas Eve is like in heaven – everyone gathers around, watches the rerun, and shares their stories of that one incredible night that changed their lives for eternity.

Perhaps that’s what my tiny Christmas Eve will be like this year…what an “extraordinary” idea! I may not have the video, but I have the story.

It may not be the Holiday I expected, but remember – Any day can be extraordinary, when you step outside your circle of expectation!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

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