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A Word From Dee – Finding Your Purpose

We all want to matter and have a purpose, don’t we? I explained previously how I finally said “yes” to God’s plan for me, quit my career with the big paycheck and benefits and moved to Oklahoma. I’d like to share how I found purpose to be a Professional Certified Life Coach.

It’s amazing when you reflect on your life experiences, how clear your purpose becomes. You can find it written in the book of your life, if you’ll do the work of turning each page and explore. In reflecting on my life, I began to see patterns and themes.

In Junior High, I was on the phone with a friend – two things right here – it wasn’t Middle School WAY back then! And the phone was a stationary landline on the wall, in the kitchen, with a long cord so you could hide around the corner from your parents. I’m sure the topic was boy-drama, but my friend told me how easy it was to talk to me and that she always felt better afterwards. That was a statement I never forgot, but didn’t feel its impact until recently.

I heard that several more times in my life and it always felt great! I loved helping people in this way.

My mother had a mental illness and in treatment until she died when I was 15. We were introduced to psychotherapy. Talking about problems with a professional was something I knew well. We were forced as children, but as an adult, I reached out for help when life just didn’t make sense: • When teenagers got rebellious – I chose therapy over killing my kids! • When my marriage was crumbling and I was ready to run. • When I felt life wasn’t going the direction God intended and was making a decision that affected my family physically and financially.

My brother had a mental illness and addictions. He sought treatment in a center, that not only focused on the addictions, but reached deep inside to determine what was missing and needed healing. They brought in the family so we could also understand and heal in the process of his treatment and support him. It made me realize how much our life experiences play a part in our ability to live, love, and connect to others. I was hooked on this idea and jumped on any material that gave me more information.

I got a flyer from this facility introducing one of their Christian therapists and his philosophies. I remember reading that flyer in my car at the grocery store. I said out loud “that’s what I want to be”! When I shared that with a pastor at church, he affirmed he could see me doing that.

I marveled at how a good therapist could get you thinking about your next approach based on your past experiences. The last therapist I chose was a Christian therapist as I needed to hear God’s voice more clearly. It was in these sessions I knew I needed to leave my career and started exploring the idea of being a Life Coach.

I learned the hard way to be a wife, mother, co-worker, church member and volunteer as I struggled through the ups and downs of life. Along the way I gained a lot of experience on what NOT to do. With help and healing I became comfortable in my own skin. I felt wise for the first time in my life! Like I really had something to share. It felt right! When Life Coaching was brought up, I knew, without a doubt, that was what I needed to do! As I went through the process of being coached with my Life Coach instructor, I could see the patterns throughout my life that led in that direction.

What patterns have you seen throughout your life that might give you a clue of God’s purpose? Or is it clear and you are fulfilling your purpose already? Comment below or email me at

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