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A Word From Dee

Who is Dee Peel…. Outside of Ordinary announced last week that I am partnering with Lori Klickman to add another dimension – Life Coaching. I am excited to continue the ministry of encouraging women to step outside their circle of ordinary to be…well…Extraordinary!

But who is Dee Peel and what is so special about her?? Well, I’m not any more special than you. I am a triple-certified Professional Life Coach with Life Purpose Coaching Centers International under Dr. Katie Brazelton. That gives me some skills that I can share with you.

The story of becoming a Life Coach is interesting, since I was a lifetime corporate career woman! I planned to retire from that career with an amazing 401k, pension, and incredible income. But God’s plans aren’t always our plans, are they? My life became very uncomfortable last year. I don’t know if God made it so horrific, but it certainly got my attention.

I already felt I wasn’t doing what God wanted, so there was discomfort in the beginning of this dissent. I refused to address it, claiming I was too stressed, tired and, let’s just say it…scared to leave the comfort I created. Without a doubt, a change was needed for my sanity, health, and relationships.

When Jesus was recruiting his team and approached disciples in their town, at their job, and said “follow me”, did they really drop everything and take off? They didn’t even know the guy. I know Jesus. I’ve felt his comforting peace, his presence. I understand all he’s done for me, but I can’t say yes that fast! Who does that?

I finally said “yes”! Once I did, a calming peace came over me. It was the right decision. God literally took over and put everything in place for us to sell our home, find two jobs with health insurance, and move to Oklahoma within 3 months! Whew!!

So, let’s just name my struggle. I have a hard time with TRUST. When you grow up with neglect, abandonment, instability, divorce, turmoil and chaos, trust tends to be an issue. I did “My One Word” ( this year and yes, my word was TRUST. I’ve reflected on not trusting others and not being trustworthy. I certainly didn’t trust what God was trying to tell me!

In learning to trust and being obedient to God, I’ve been saying “yes” more often. For instance, the Sunday after I moved to Oklahoma, I was in church alone as my husband, Super Dad, was still in Kansas. A kind couple, Kim and Mark, introduced themselves and invited me to their life group dinner that night…as in 5 hours from that moment. Normally I would say “maybe next time” or give it further thought. But I was in my “yes” mode, moving forward. Kim later said she was as shocked as I was – ha! And I love that group!

So how do you struggle with TRUST? Comment below or email me at Let’s get a conversation going.

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