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A Walk in the Woods

Good Morning! I am sitting in a restaurant in Palanga, Lithuania, watching it rain in the forest. I am the only one here, and well it’s amazing. The wait staff are preparing breakfast and they’ve allowed me to sit, and have brought me a glass of water, since they’re still making the coffee. They speak a little English, and well, I can now say “thank you” in Lithuanian. It’s easy to remember, since it is simply “achoo”…just like a sneeze!

I’ve had an incredible journey so far. Traveling is always a lesson of some sort, but this trip is unique for me in that I am not sure what the next day, or even the next turn will bring. Our first few days were planned, but now we are just exploring, not even knowing where we will sleep the next day. Thanks to Google and Maps, that’s not so hard anymore. We may take a wrong turn from time to time…

Ah, the coffee is ready, and I now have a chocolate filled pastry of some sort. Oh, I am tasting nutella which suits me just fine.

Okay, back to my thoughts: As we were driving down the road yesterday I considered how in life, we never really know where we are going. We rely on our navigation system (for me that’s the Bible), we listen to the advice of those who have gone before us (I’ve read several travel guides), and we trust our instincts. The essential factor is to push back the FEAR, and move forward. There is so much to see, to experience, to taste and to celebrate. I never regret an adventure, and I love to tell my stories. Stay tuned for stories about my new Scottish friends, soccer pep rallies, bell towers, cooking lessons, reindeers, dry toilets, new family members, an unusual Constitution, and I’m only half way through my journey!

As I look out the window, I see a forest like in a fairytale. The “floor” is simply long grass, the trees are pine with bare 100 ft tall trunks. I appears to go on forever. A few moments ago, a woman in a bright yellow rain slicker walked by with a backpack. She found a trail I didn’t even know was there. The pouring rain did not stop her from exploring. I like that woman.

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