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A Tribute to Millie

Our Christmas vacation in LA took a crazy turn when we received news that there was something wrong with Millie. It was thought that she was having abandonment anxiety. Trembling, whining, not eating. Her symptoms grew worse and it was all I could do to get home to her on Christmas Day. I found her unable to move her back legs properly, yet she cried out and wagged her tail when she saw me. Little did I know that  it would be the last time that tail would wag because when we moved her to the couch, her hind end went completely limp. Hero Husband and I took turns holding her that Christmas night and were grief-stricken to have to put her down the next morning.

We adopted Millie just under two years ago. She had been abandoned and abused. She survived a life threatening injury and heart worms. They say we rescued her but in all actuality she rescued us. She brought us so much love, joy and companionship. She was a rascal and loved chocolate – I know, I know…dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate…but somehow she didn’t care. In the course of her time with us she managed to consume an entire bowl of Hershey Kisses (along with the foil), everyone’s Christmas stocking fancy chocolate (last year), a box of s’more mix, and topped it all off just a few weeks ago with over a dozen decorated Christmas cookies and an entire can of frosting. After two days of feeling awful, she promised me she was done – guess we’ll never know.

We buried Millie with “Squeakers” – her very favorite toy that she brought home from the shelter. We placed large rocks on her grave to safeguard from other animals discovering her body. Before going back into the house, I nudged one of the rocks with my foot and to my surprise it was enough pressure to cause a faint squeak from her toy. Oh how we laughed and cried.

I know all of you enjoyed the lessons we learned from Millie. My favorite was “Come when God calls, for the greatest blessings can be found at the Master’s feet.”

Here’s to you sweet Millie – you will forever be in my heart.

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