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I was listening to a story on the radio while driving home from work the other day. A student had written a letter in praise of his teacher. The student shared that if you met his teacher, he would be so kind to you – not because someone was looking but because he would want to make sure you felt loved and cared for.

My eyebrows went up.

When I encounter people throughout my day, do I leave them feeling loved and cared for? I hope I do, but the hard truth is that I could do much better. I made a choice to be more mindful about my interactions.

A shot of kindness brings life and light to anyone’s day.

In the Book of Philippians, the Apostle Paul refers to being “poured out like a drink offering”. (Phip 2:17). Jesus, Himself also refers to being “poured out” in II Timothy 4:6 as He faces His crucifixion.

I embrace the idea of the love, mercy and grace that God has shown me, and filled every nook and cranny of my soul, being “poured out” to the people I encounter every day. Whether it be my family, friends or complete strangers. I want to be a source of refreshment.

It’s an outside of ordinary perspective – fill up so you can pour out.

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