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2019 Encouragement Workshop

The 2019 Encouragement is officially in the history books. What an amazing day of meeting new friends, spending quality one-on-one time with God, being challenged, sharing stories and ENCOURAGING one another…not to mention all the yummy food!

Your 2019 Encouragement Workshop was soul refreshing for me. It was a day overflowing with the Holy Spirit’s presence. I could have called it a day after the Praise and Worship time. My time alone with God in His creation around the Timber Ridge Event Center was precious to my soul. What a beautiful place they have created. The time in our small groups was enlightening. The catered lunch was delicious. This was all within an hour drive from Grove Thank you for the opportunity of refreshing. – Marilyn S

I’m so sorry if you were not able to join us. We are sincerely hoping to continue the Workshop series so stay tuned for your next opportunity.

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