Welcome to the 2021 Adventure

Welcome to 2021, a year of promise. There’s no doubt that we all have hopes and dreams of life being better. Covid or not, my life has radically changed. I am now officially retired, I am preparing to move to a new community and well, I actually don’t know what 2021 truly has for me…except:


You must simply mark your calendar NOW for the Outside of Ordinary Retreat March 12-14 in Everton, Missouri!!

We have so many inspirational and fun events planned for the weekend. After the year we’ve had, we all need an escape and this is YOUR ticket. The Outside of Ordinary team will be speaking from the heart as they share stories, insights and encouragement. We’ll spend time in worship and we’ll spend time sharing our personnel stories with new friends who have struggled as well. We get into our pajamas and laugh until we cry. We will have the opportunity to try some things we’ve never tried before. We’ll eat wonderful food that someone else has prepared and best of all we won’t have to do the dishes!


Click the link below to make your reservation now. And don’t forget to grab a friend. You are welcome to send an email to outsideofordinary.lori@gmail.com if you have questions. I hope and pray you’ll join us for this unique and outside of ordinary experience!

God can do anything, you know - far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!

                                        - Ephesians 3:20







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Outside of Ordinary is Lori's forum to bring joy, hope and encouragement to your day or maybe just a moment. 

Any ordinary person, ordinary day, or ordinary moment can become extraordinary when someone steps out of their circle of expectation. 

What appears to be an ordinary day canchange in a flash when you change your perspective: 

  • Look at that flower

  • Look at that person's eyes

  • Try something new

  • Really listen to the lyrics of the song

  • Really taste the food

  • Just stop and breathe

  • Accept the love that's being offered

  • Choose to be kind

The list is endless, the possibilities are amazing, and the adventures exhilarating. Lori wants to take you on a journey as she tells the stories of her day to day encounters, to not only bring a spark of joy, but to challenge you to see your own life in maybe a new way. Who doesn't love to find a great big package on their doorstep...God gives you a new one with every sunrise. It's called TODAY.

Let's take a step out of the circle and tear into it together. 




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